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                                                                              @2018 Visionaries Pursuing Excellence 

2019 Conference 
Check back with us frequently for more as details develop! 
conference gear

The VPE Conference is about VISION. We are about fulfilling God’s Vision that God has given each church. Vision is about looking into the future, so “Seeing 20/20” has double meaning. It’s about looking into the upcoming year of 2020 & about seeing with what is classified as perfect vision, 20/20 eyesight.


The goals and objectives for 2019 is to provide churches with an opportunity to see what ministry is about from the inside out. People look at ministry from the outside in and wonder “How do they do that?” Well our classes for Friday and Saturday will answer this question by revealing “This is how we do it!” The two days will be packed with ministry information seeing the background current of how ministry works for Victory In Praise Stockton & Modesto.