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UNBELIEVABLE...We’ve gone from Santa Clara to Stockton; to Modesto, back to Stockton; to Deltona,

then to Livermore; and now back to Stockton. We’ve seen convention centers, churches, tents, and community centers. Can you believe it? It’s unbelievable, but believe it or not, there is more to come.


There’s more to BELIEVE. Visionaries Pursuing Excellence (VPE) Conference 2017 theme was, ”BELIEVE!” Last year our excitement has jumped to a whole new level in expectation of what God will do for and through

each of us as we expand our belief in God to heights unknown. You’ve read in God’s word that all things are possible. But there is a caveat, you must . . .



So, now it’s time for each of us, individually and collectively, as BELIEVERS, to start truly

believing God for things outside of what we think is possible. It’s time to step out of our mind’s

limitations and discover what His creative mind is thinking. God’s mind is vast and wide. I invite you

to journey with me and all VPE pastors and churches to discover new things in God as

BELIEVERS. Believe these things into manifestation; until someone says, “UNBELIEVABLE!”

2018 Theme is....Increase! We can't wait to release what we have planned for you......Until then! 

-Bishop Rufus Turner

                     our Affiliated Churches:
Victory In Praise Stockton

Bishop Rufus & Lady Trena Turner

Victory In Praise Modesto

Bishop Tylos & Lady Pamela Jackson

New Genesis Outreach Ministry

                                                                             Pastor Dwight & First Lady Phyllis Williams

World Conquerors Church

Pastor Darren & First Lady Monnique Barron
The Carpenter’s House

Pastor Kevin & First Lady Jeanetta McDowell

New Covenant Tabernacle

Pastor Patrice MucCular

Power In Praise

Pastor Kevin & First Lady Wanda Meadows

Word of Life Deliverance Ministries

Pastor DeAdrian & First Lady Jazmine Moore

Galatians Community Church

Pastor Trent & First Lady Tanji Washington

Wells of Living Waters Church

Rev. Lee & First Lady Penny Parker

The Master’s Seal Worship Center

Apostle Peggy & Elder Hall Tyrone

Living Water Worship Center

Pastor Tylesha Truitt

New Life Evangelistic International Ministries

Pastor Linda Hillman

Focus Community Church

Pastor Vincent Wilson & First Lady Mome Sy

Greater Experience Ministries

Pastor Derrick & First Lady Carla Satchell

Bishop Rufus Turner

Victory In Praise Stockton 


Bishop Tylos Jackson

Victory In Praise Modesto 

Eric Stone

Family Pastor


Jennifer Sorrell

Team Youth Director


Daren Barron

World Conquerors: Oakland, Ca


Edna Doyle

Worship Arts Pastor


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